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Scientific research, especially interdisciplinary research, is a required basis for development of new technologies and new environmentally sociable products. The aim of FIBUS institute is interdisciplinary research and the development of scientific measurement tools and techniques and its application and propagation for usage in industry and science.

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  About FIBUS

FIBUS has been founded in summer 1990 for interdisciplinary research in the fields of environmental control and measurement, flow analysis and visualization, and digital image processing and analysis. The director, Dr. Reinert H. G. Müller, acquired his scientific degree at the Institute of Aeronautics at the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH Aachen) for his thesis on noise reduction and efficiency improvement of helicopters: " Der Einfluß von Winglets auf die Strömungsverhältnisse am Hubschrauberrotor" (The Influence of Winglets on the Flow Characteristics of a Helicopter Rotor, VDI Reihe 12 Nr. 108, 1988). Important research projects in flow visualization and stereometric image analysis have been performed in cooperation and with support by the German Research Society (DFG), the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI), U.S.A., the C.N.R.S. Institute for Flow Mechanics in Marseille, France and the Dutch-German Windtunnel in the Netherlands. The work has been presented at various international conferences and has been published in different national and international journals (Vertica Journal, Journal of the American Helicopter Society, Elektronik Journal, Experiments in Fluids, Journal of Flow Visualization and Image Processing).

Besides of flow visualitation and measurement, the development and application of the picCOLOR Image Analysis software is one of the main objectives of FIBUS.

FIBUS is heading towards new international contacts and cooperations.

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